A young company with a long history. 







Back in 1957, CA-verken was founded in Sävsjö, producing hydraulic cylinders, and over the years the company developed and was for some time part of the engineering group Persöner, which later became part of AB Wilhelm Sonesson. The company was listed on the stock exchange during the 1980s under the name of Dacke Invest and completed several acquisitions of small hydraulic businesses.  Industrivärden acquired Dacke Invest in 1991 and sold the company to Hexagon two years later.

In 2000, Berendsen PMC Nordic was acquired, with operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, making the Group the biggest hydraulic actor in the Nordic region. Five years later, the Private Equity fund Segulah III acquired the business, which was then a business area within Hexagon. The name was changed to Dacke PMC and subsequently to PMC Group AB.

In January 2016, Nordstjernan acquired PMC Group and created Dacke Industri AB.  Hydraulic operations were brought together within the PMC Hydraulics Group. During 2017 and 2018, UVA Lidköping and Llentab were added through internal acquisitions from Nordstjernan, and in 2018 the first major external acquisition was made through Arcos Hyraulik AB. During the first quarter of 2019 Optronic was acquired and in December the English company TDS was acquired. In the spring of 2020, LGL Construction was acquired and in June Dynalyse was acquired. Additional companies were acquired in 2021, Exertus Finland 71.5% on 24 of June 2021 and LIMAB on 9 of July -21.

Dacke Industri has thus been through several different ownership environments, but now, through Nordstjernan’s acquisition, now once more in an owner-led and long-term environment.