With long-term ownership in focus

We bring expert knowledge and strategic guidance to build sustainable businesses. Through our in-depth knowledge, we build trust.


Our view of investments

Dacke Industri’s business concept is to invest, on a long-term basis, in companies with strong technical know-how, design capabilities, and quality performance. Own products are considered a strength. 

We are always interested in acquiring well-managed companies with a strong corporate culture similar to, or close to, our own. Feel free to contact us, and we will tell you more. 

Our companies

We invest in innovation

Dacke Industri is a long-term owner that invests in innovative technology companies with potential for development. We provide expertise and strategic guidance in order to build sustainable companies. We create trust by means of ethical action.

Our Values

Business is built on trust

Dacke Industri’s overall business model is to invest for the long-term in companies that often have their own products, strong technical know-how, development, and design expertise, as well as quality execution.

The latest news

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Swedrive celebrates 50 years

Swedrive celebrates 50 years

The 50th anniversary celebration marks Swedrive’s continued success and growth over the past five decades. Swedrive was founded in Lagan, Sweden in 1973 and has since kept its local touch even though the customers are spread worldwide.

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