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In one year, Dacke Industri has grown from twelve subsidiaries to seventeen, expanded our global footprint, continuously developed our businesses, and opened doors; we see it as a sign of trust when entrepreneurs choose us.

Group CEO

Lars Fredin

Our CEO meeting this autumn was a great cornerstone for us, and we could see Dacke Industri’s improvement in the latest years. The people behind, the success stories through the years, and the common goal within our subsidiaries to continue to run healthy and growing businesses were joyful to see.

Solid performance and growth at Dacke Industri also made it possible for us to take further steps toward greater expansion. We are now streamlining and optimizing our divisions for Fluid Power Technology, Air Technology & Electromechanics, Special Technology, Electronics, and Building Systems and Products.

As Vice President for the division Fluid Power Technology, we announce the appointment of Mr. Mikael Lundgren, effective 1st November 2022.

As Vice President for the division Air Technology and Electromechanics, we announce the appointment of Mr. Mika Virtanen, effective 1st November 2022.

We look forward to what the future can bring with Mikael to run the division Fluid Power Technology and Mika to run the Air Technology and Electromechanics. Since January 2022, Lars Åleby has been running the division Electronics. All three have years of experience and insights in the industrial and electronics world. They bring value-adding knowledge to lead, develop and grow our businesses further. I will be responsible for the Special Technology division. The Building Systems and Products division will continue to be managed separately by Stefan Eklund, Llentab (Christian Svensson will take over as CEO on the 1st of January 2023), and Fredrik Holmquist for LGL.

We are delivering good results, and all our companies have an optimistic view for the near future. We also need to consider from a business perspective that it’s still tricky times to operate in, marked by an uneasy situation in the world with inflation, and an incipient downturn, which affects us all in one way or another, and things can turn quickly. It is important to continue a sustainable business with humility in our day-to-day business, having the right business strategies and trust in the company’s abilities to run the businesses with a long-term view.

We support our companies to develop organically and if there are exciting acquisition opportunities for them. Apart from supporting our companies’ growth, we also focus on our acquisition plan to grow our business further.

If you are considering selling your company to a long-term owner, don´t hesitate to contact us at Dacke Industri, we would happily meet you for a coffee and take it from there.

We have grown from twelve subsidiaries to seventeen in one year; we see it as a sign of trust when entrepreneurs choose us. We would be pleased to see that you have joined as well and are a part of the journey ahead. Please give us a call!

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Best regards
Lars Fredin