Our companies

Our most important mission is to create conditions for innovation and further development of our companies.

Dacke Industri has a decentralized model where our companies have a high degree of independence and are run independently. We provide expert knowledge and strategic guidance to build long-term sustainable companies. In trust, our leaders can run the companies in an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our companies have their own products or systems with a strong technical focus, development- and design expertise, and quality execution. Several of our companies use existing platforms for innovation and are happy to work with environmentally sustainable products and production. Acquisitions are an essential part of our strategy, and we are constantly looking for new investment opportunities for companies that share our values.

Fluid Power Technology

Dacke Industri’s companies within Fluid Power Technology are primarily in the manufacturing industry and mainly have their own components and system solutions in several sectors such as mobile, mining, and material handling. Also against infrastructure, railways, paper, pulp, energy, and more. Power, Motion and Control within industrial applications is the key offering.

Arcos Hydraulik is a key partner in conjunction with the automation of industrial facilities. They develop manufacture, supply and service hydraulic systems for virtually all types of industrial production.

Their hydraulic cylinders and units are known for their high performance and reliability, even in the toughest environments. With long experience and high technological know-how, they take on difficult assignments and deliver cylinders and systems completely adapted to the customer’s application.

Their cylinders can be found in hydropower plants, steel mills, paper mills, servo regulators, cranes and mines. Everything is made in Sweden and Finland.


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PMC Cylinders loves when it moves and hydraulic cylinders for the mobile sector are their home arena. For more than sixty years, PMC Cylinders has designed, manufactured and developed hydraulic cylinders for customers worldwide.

Production takes place in their factories in Vaggeryd. Their hydraulic cylinders include the dimension range from ø25 up to ø360 mm with strokes up to 12 m depending on dimension and weight.

PMC Cylinders will be the leading manufacturer of technically advanced hydraulic cylinders for international mobile OEM customers.


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PMC Hydraulics is the leading provider of components och customized hydraulic solutions for the mobile, marine, industry, and energy applications.
Having operations in the Nordics, Baltic countries, Poland, China, and India, PMC has a global platform with a strong local presence.


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Air Technology & Electromechanics

Dacke Industri’s companies within Air Technology & Electromechanics are primarily in the manufacturing industry and mainly have their own components and system solutions in several sectors such as mobile, mining, and material handling. Also against infrastructure, railways, paper, pulp, energy, and more. Primary technology is centered around pneumatics and electro-mechanics.

Pimatic focuses on pneumatics and low-pressure hydraulics. Their business concept is to offer solutions in various processes from analysis to complete system solutions. Pimatic work in several different customer segments.

Pimatic knowledge of the high demands of their clients combined with their expertise enables them to offer their customers first-class service and support. Pimatic collaborates with leading manufacturers of products in our focus areas pneumatics and low-pressure hydraulics. They want to ensure that they deliver the best solution to customers!


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Swedrive develops and manufactures units for rotary and linear movements in the form of worm gears, jacks, and electric mechanical cylinders for industrial companies with high demands on performance and quality.

When our standard program is not enough, we develop fully customer-optimized solutions using our know-how and broad experience in mechanics.

Our units are suited for everything from clean environments in the medical technology sector to the toughest environment in the marine sector and the pulp and paper industry. Thanks to its high precision and excellent performance, Swedrive´s products are also much appreciated in automation technology.


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PMC Attachment is one of Northern Europe’s leading manufacturers of integrated fork positioners with sideshift.

For 30 years PMC Attachment has been developing integrated fork positioners with sideshift for OEM, dealers and end users.


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Sovellusmestarit specialized in areas of pressure lifting-, instrumentation- and flow technology.

Their deep knowledge and long experience in the field of flow technology means that they can offer their customers the most cost-effective solutions. Their well-established supplier relationships guarantee high-quality products and competitiveness. All their activities are guided by a strong customer-oriented product and concept development. Sovellusmestarit know their customers well, by working close to their customers they offer knowledgeable, fast and efficient services.


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Special Technology

Dacke Industri’s companies within Special Technology are primarily in the manufacturing industry and mainly have their own components and system solutions in several sectors such as mobile, mining, and material handling. Also against infrastructure, railways, paper, pulp, energy, and more. The companies work within a particular technical niche or industrial application.

Polarteknik is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of tailor-made solutions in pneumatics and door systems for railway vehicles.

Their concept covers all phases – from analysis to delivery of complete system solutions in selected customer segments. Thanks to their knowledge of customers’ needs and many years of experience working with leading manufacturers, they can always offer their customers first-class service.


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UVA Lidköping AB develops, markets and installs grinding machines with peripherals in the area of high-precision grinding.

They market their products under the LIDKÖPING and UVA brands. UVA LIDKÖPING AB’s business areas include grinding machines for inner, outer, combination, face, and centerless grinding with complete aftermarket solutions including service, productivity enhancement upgrades, and rebuilds.


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Dacke Industri’s companies in Electronics are mainly active in measurement technology and control, where safety and quality are crucial to creating customer value.

Exertus is specialized in control systems based on CAN-bus solutions and provides innovative offerings including hardware, software, application development, and related services towards the mobile machinery segment.

The company was founded in 2003, in Seinäjoki, Finland, and has today 38 experienced and dedicated employees. All products and related software are developed in-house which gives freedom to create a tailored product for the customers. The standard product offering consists of a variety of components for all mobile machinery applications including main controllers, IO-controllers, displays, sensors, and connectivity devices. Tailored designs are always based on the industry proven design elements from the company’s libraries, which will ensure cost efficiency and quality.


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Transtronic specializes in systems and sensors for heavy environments. They sell, install and produce in-house developed electronic directional instruments, for customers who work primarily in the rock drilling industry. They help their rock drilling customers achieve a higher level of accuracy.

Transtronic sells, installs, and produces proprietary electronic directional instruments, for customers who work primarily in the rock drilling industry. They help their rock drilling customers achieve higher accuracy. This leads to more efficient drilling that results in higher profitability for the customer, less environmental impact, and higher safety during blasting.

Transtronic has worked with advanced drilling equipment since 1972 when the founder, Gunnar Thele, started the company. Transtronic is located in Köping.The company covers everything from development and design to manufacturing, installation, repair, and support.


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Experience and specialist knowledge

Optronic is a service company that is a leader in the Nordic region in the advanced manufacturing of products and modules that utilize optical measurement technology. Optronic conducts development with a view to serial production and sharpens existing products. Their customers are in the industry.

Within the industry and with Optronics customers, their employees are recognized for their experience, specialist expertise, and technical curiosity. Together with difficult quality and delivery reliability, Optronic has established many long-standing customer relationships.


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They are an innovative company specialized in product quality measurements in process lines; density, moisture content, coat weight, strength grade, stiffness, weight, surface, and moisture.


Dynalyse is an innovative company and works continuously with mainly its developed products for the measurement of relevant quality properties in process industries. Dynalyse has delivered more than 200 systems to 12 countries. Two products are Dynagrade and Precigrader for the grading of timber or lumber concerning strength, stiffness, and density. Dynagrade No.1 was installed in 1997 in Sweden at Hilmer Andersson. These and other products are continuously further developed, are integrated with other sensors and systems, and offer good tools for digital reporting.

Recent product developments are the proof loader MT250 and the paint control system Paint Control for industrial painting lines. Dynalyse also markets and sells various types of moisture meters from the American company Finna Group.


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LIMAB has a long tradition of developing laser sensors and non-contact measuring systems. The business was started in 1979 and LIMAB has since developed into a world leader in laser-based sensors and systems for dimension and defect measurements.

Limab provides systems and sensors for non-contact measurements of dimensions and defects. They offer a wide range of measurements solutions for applications in the steel industry, wood panel and gypsum board production, sawmills, and road profiling. Their sensors and systems are designed to meet the requirements for accurate process control and quality management. They offer their solutions on a worldwide basis.


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Flintab är en av Nordens ledande leverantör av marknadens mest innovativa och konkurrenskraftiga vägningssystem.

De är en komplett leverantör inom vågar och registreringssystem, avancerade vägningslösningar och tjänster för den skandinaviska marknaden. Flintab hjälper kunder att effektivisera och maximera verksamheten med en helhetssyn från behovsanalys, installation och förvaltning. Affärsområdena delas in efter branscherna entreprenad, livsmedel, miljö och återvinning, energi, logistik och transport, industri och process.

Målsättningen är att generera maximal affärsnytta, fokuserat på innovation, noggrannhet och kvalité – och affärsförståelse. 


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Building System & Products

Dacke Industri’s companies within Building systems & products are focused on providing complete solutions within steel buildings as well as logistics and storage solutions.

LGL Construction offers complete solutions in steel construction where it designs, manufactures, and assembles, among other things, steel structures for industry, logistics, stores, and warehousing.

LGL Construction AB is located in Smålandstenar and has about forty employees. The business consists of the design, manufacture, and assembly of steel structures for industry, apartment buildings, and warehousing. The market is mainly in Sweden, but also the other Nordic countries and some in the rest of Europe. At LGL, the belief is that small details make a big difference. As a small and flexible supplier with sales offices and production close to each other, they can offer fast, customized, and functional solutions.


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LLENTAB markets, designs, manufactures, and assembles multifunctional steel buildings for a wide range of industries and purposes.
Their presence in Sweden, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia Ukraine, and Germany means that collaboration with LLENTAB provides several benefits.

They use all their broad expertise and resources in the Group to design, manufacture, and assemble and can supply everything from standardized to customized buildings.

All parts of their design are prefabricated in their modern and efficient production units in Sweden and Poland.


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